Tragedy struck San Francisco last week, leaving the city in a state of civil unrest.

The price of San Fran’s Chipotle burritos has significantly increased since the beginning of 2015. Menu hikes to the tune of 10.5 percent have left analysts and hungover 20-somethings desperately searching for answers and an alternative place to conceive food babies. Chipotle employees have sheepishly avoided requests for comment on the matter.

In other news, the City by the Bay’s minimum wage rose from $10.14 per hour in 2014 to $11.05 in January of 2015, and again to $12.25 this past May.


A Lesson in Common Sense


The city of San Francisco has learned a hard lesson: There are consequences for your actions.

After extensive analysis, economists have determined that the devastating changes to Chipotle’s menu were likely due to the recent minimum wage hikes. It’s speculated that the Mexican grill raised prices in an attempt to temper the significant financial burden imparted by increased wages.

Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold affirmed our suspicions in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, admitting that the San Francisco price hikes were “done in part of offset higher labor costs.”

Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle are now on high alert, with officials closely monitoring local Chipotle menus as the cities’ wages slowly increase according to new wage laws. In Chicago, journalists have already detected a burrito-related cultural divide, as a wedge is driven between those making Chipotle burritos and those purchasing them. What used to be a friendly place to engage in binge eating is now the scene of a bitter cold war.

Despite having to learn the hard way, our hope is that the incidents in San Francisco can serve as a learning experience for all involved. Let this be a lesson to you: Nothing, not even a pay bump, is worth jeopardizing the affordability of your daily Chipotle burrito.


Our Take


All jokes aside, the absurdity of the situation still rings true. To think that significant minimum wage hikes would be absorbed by fast food chains with no financial repercussions is senseless. Economic policy is bound up in cause and effect and is often more complex than what meets the eye. Drastic policy changes, while having good intentions, can end up hurting more people than they help.

Bear in mind that the minimum wage increases could affect more than just Chipotle. You’ve been warned.


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