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Career Mistakes To Avoid

Career Mistakes To Avoid
Avoid these mistakes in your career!

The start of a new calendar year is a good time to reflect on the previous 12 months and devise a plan to improve things going forward. Whether you experienced a few career mishaps this past year or progressed as expected, here are a few critical mistakes you should avoid this new year at all costs.

Avoiding risks

It’s difficult to step outside your comfort zone, but by never taking any risks on the job, you might quickly end up stuck in a rut. The next time a great idea pops into your head, don’t ignore it. Rather, run with it and see where it leads. Even if it doesn’t work out, your boss  likely will appreciate your ingenuity.

Not learning

It is easy to coast at work when things are going smoothly. After all, why shake things up when your boss seems pleased with your performance? But if you don’t push yourself to keep learning and growing professionally, then you’re likely to stunt your career growth and miss out on key opportunities to get promoted. Figure out where you’re lacking knowledge and take steps to bridge those gaps — whether that means signing up for courses, attending conferences or even enlisting the help of a mentor.

Allowing yourself to be unhappy at work

It’s an unfortunate fact that a large chunk of workers today are unhappy at their jobs. If you’ve taken steps to make your role better and nothing seems to change, don’t resign yourself to another 12 months (or more) of misery. Instead, dust off your resume, reach out to your contacts and seek out a job that you’ll find more fulfilling. The longer you allow yourself to stay at a job that makes you miserable, the more your performance is likely to suffer, and that’s a good way to get yourself fired.

Not asking for a raise

Many people shy away from negotiating salary at work because they don’t want to come off as greedy or anger their managers. But you know what they say: If you don’t ask, you (often) don’t get.

Furthermore, if you approach that conversation the right way, you can pull it off in a manner that doesn’t damage your relationship with your boss. That means researching salary data so you’re able to present a reasonable number to your manager and going in prepared with a list of reasons you deserve a boost. Either way, don’t avoid that discussion just because it makes you uncomfortable. In doing so, you’ll not only potentially lose out on money that could  have been yours, but also create a situation where you might start to resent coming to work.


With a new year right around the corner, now is the time to evaluate your on-the-job habits and strive to do better. Steer clear of these blunders in the coming year and with any luck, 2019 will be your most successful one yet.


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