The rap icon shares her learned experience about “chasing the bag”
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Cardi B is famous for a lot of things. She is an internet celebrity, rapper, songwriter, television personality … and also a financial literacy guru? Well, maybe financial literacy guru is going a bit too far. However, she does seem to have a bit of genuine and beneficial advice for those who are a little behind in their financial literacy lessons,which is just about everyone. Or, at least, a majority of people. Financial literacy is tough, but Cardi makes it easier with these finance tips.

Ask for what you want

Cardi said she was always shy, and that it took getting used to asking for what she wanted. “That’s why men are sometimes good hustlers,” she said. “Women are so timid. A lot of girls ask me, ‘How do I get what I want?’ By asking.”

Listen to your mom

After having a daughter, Kulture, last year with her husband, Offset, Cardi feels even more driven to make money. “I can never be comfortable,” she said. Motherhood brings up thoughts of her own mother, who always told her to have children only if she could afford to take care of them on her own. “I used to think my mom was paranoid. But as you get older, you understand what your mom be talking to you about,” she said. “I always dated guys that had money. But I didn’t have the money. What happens if we separate? I don’t want to be asking you for stuff — no, that’s not my style.”

Don’t get distracted by social media

Cardi would rather see you using influencers as inspiration for how to get money rather than a distraction from making it. “These bloggers making mad money from y’all watching,” she said. “Watch their recipe.”

Live within your means

Cardi said the lavish lives rappers portray aren’t realistic. Flying private, for example, is at best an excess. But sometimes, to avoid the drama of airports now that she has Kulture, it’s unavoidable. “It’s a write-off sometimes, but you gotta prove all day that it’s a write-off,” she said. “And even if it is, that’s money you could’ve had.”

Don’t be ashamed of your past, but look to the future

Cardi mentions that folks judge her for her past work as a stripper. She should have gone to college, they say. She is candid though about the everyday expenses of higher education — like transportation, housing and food — that made community college unaffordable for her. “You cannot even get a room in New York City if you got a job that pays you $300 a week,” she said. She advises that if you’re working and hustling, do it with the future in mind.

Know where your taxes go

Cardi B is enthusiastic about taxes but understands why not everyone shares her opinion. If she makes $15 million, for example, $8 or 9 million is going to the government. “Then you be like, ‘Damn, I gave all this money to Uncle Sam, and there’s still potholes in my street.’” And besides, health care and college aren’t free, she said. It’s part of why she talks about politics so much to her fans. “I keep educating,” she said. “I try to elevate.”


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Posted 04.16.2019 - 08:52 am EDT