Bold Business sits down with Angelina Darrisaw Cheeks, CEO and Founder of the C-Suite Coach, to discuss her work
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Bold Biz: Angelina Darrisaw Cheeks Talks C-Suite Coach!

Angelina Darrisaw Career Coach, Founder & CEO of C-Suite Coach shares her tips for companies who want to retain and engage diverse talent!

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Is having the look part of getting into the C-Suite?

“I think that any look can get you into the C-Suite,” Cheeks said. People should be focused on what their business acumen is, and how well they articulate their value. They should be a reflection of how they want to be seen, but not subscribed to this notion that you have to have a “look” to be C-Suite ready.

Tell us a little  bit more about C-Suite Coach

The mission is to make the C-Suite more reflective of the workforce. C-Suite does this in two ways: By preparing diverse talent to succeed at work through coaching and programs, talent development, offsites and retreats. And then also through equipping small business owners to have a company that scales where their C-Suite is closer to what a fortune 1000 C-Suite looks like.

Some tech companies aren’t diverse at all, why’s that?

Where we’re looking at pipeline is a big challenge. We like leadership that looks like us. And when we don’t see that reflection, we question sometimes whether they are able to do work the way that we do work. That is one big piece of why some companies are so lacking in diversity.

How do we get on track for a new year?

One part is what Toto Bardi said — entrepreneurs need is to be sure to “ask.” To ask for big things. We need to make sure that we are prioritizing our value. Not to give out too many discounts. Know the value of your product and your service so that you can charge appropriately and not be taken advantage of.

How should entrepreneurs make sure their time is compensated?

“Oftentimes,” Cheeks said, “people think of entrepreneurship as this fun thing where you can work from beaches and all that.” But if you want a successful business in 2019, then you have to run your business like a business. That means that you need hours and a schedule. Your clients can’t call you at any time of the night. If you get into that habit, then you are not running your business like a business. “The biggest takeaway is have a schedule that is reflective of how [you] want your clients to communicate with [you].”

How did your work as Pantene Brand Ambassador affect your career?

“I believe in living life fully. That has always been a part of how I look at life,” Cheeks said. Pantene, for Cheeks, “was an awesome experience because, as a leader, as a CEO, even if you do not want to be a salesperson, even if you do not want to be in the front, you have to be because you are reflecting your business. Visibility is a big part of having and running a successful business. And if you want a successful business then “you cannot run away from that as a leader.”

Tell us about your work with Google as a Digital Coach

C-Suite Coach helps run one of Google’s programs that centers around small business, entrepreneurship and bridging the digital divide to make sure that small business owners from diverse backgrounds have access to Google tools and resources to help them scale. “This year in 2018, the program, which is in eight cities … has hit 15,000 diverse small business owners and over 300 in-person workshops. And in those experiences, we are offering individual and group coaching to help these businesses scale and grow.”   

What is your advice for females who need that final step to get into the Corporate Suite?

“My advice would be to get really good at explaining what you do well, and articulating your value to the business. And the clearer you are on what you contribute and how you do it, the better it is for everyone else around you who wants to understand how they can be propelling you forward,” she said. In short, mastering your elevator pitch.


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