A new startup is helping less tech-savvy entrepreneurs create applications.
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Bold Biz: Hatch

Amelia Friedman, Co-Founder of Hatch, talks about her startup that helps other startups.

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Amelia Friedman can make your app dreams a reality.

Friedman cofounded Hatch, a drag-and-drop app builder that makes it possible for anyone to design and launch an app, even entrepreneurs who don’t have coding experience.

Hatch was funded through a word association game that’s very similar to Cards Against Humanity. The game was launched in 2016 and focused on the impending election, allowing Friedman to raise $50,000 to get her company off the ground.

This startup for startups is one of the first of its kind. Hatch is similar to other website builders, such as Squarespace or WordPress, but it’s specifically geared for apps. Users can choose from templates and edit their designs, customizing the perfect application before launching it. Hatch then deploys it to iOS, Android and the web, submitting your creation to the app store.

Once the application is up, Hatch allows users to send push notifications, track analytics and export user data through their dashboard, simplifying the typically tech-oriented process of creating an app.

Hatch is also a more affordable alternative for those who aren’t technically inclined. Rather than spending a base amount of $100,000 to start a website through a software-development shop, Hatch users pay $1,000 a month, no extra costs or strings attached, allowing users to experiment online without a long-term contract or investment.

In allowing users to export their applications to three markets — iOS, Android and web — Hatch makes it easier for users to get their startups out to the largest audiences. Hatch hopes to help users get their applications on the market quickly for a fraction of the price.

As Hatch mentions on its website, WordPress now powers 25 percent of the world’s websites, and Hatch plans to do the same with software applications. Through helping entrepreneurs launch their applications, Hatch may change the world of mobile app development forever.

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Posted 08.14.2017 - 05:27 pm EDT