Sarah Hill, CEO and Co-Founder of Bookstr, a social media platform for books, sat down with GenFKD to talk about her startup, and the entrepreneurial journey that brought her to New York City.
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If you’re a devoted bookworm, and are constantly trying to update your reading list, Bookstr just might be the online community for which you’ve been searching.

Bookstr (pronounced book-ster) is a lot of things, but above all else it is a social media platform for books that specializes in recommendations and discovery.

The website and the app that they recently launched serves as a conduit for readers all over the globe to connect with each other through their passion for the written word.

Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey

Sarah touched on being a woman entrepreneur in America today, and the unique challenges that females face in the startup world.

“There’s this thing I like to say: men can say they’re going to do something and people believe them,” Sarah said. “Women have to do it first, and then people will believe them after that. Everyday I wake up and I’m like, how can I try to kick some ass today.”

In her mind, her success is largely the result of a devoted audience and unwavering mentorship from her colleagues.

“People ask me all the time how I did it,” Sarah said. “Really the audience did it, and I also have some men and women who I can call at any time and say, hey, how do I do this?”

Sarah expressed that she never imagined being in the position she’s in today.

“I never thought I was going to be here doing this, and I am so glad that I am,” Sarah said. “I takes so much bravery that I didn’t even know I had in me.”

Crazy engagement

Bookstr has evolved in recent years, and Sarah counts on the support of co-founder Kim Andersen, who launched the Reading Room in her native Australia almost seven years ago.

Today, Bookstr enjoys more than 1.6 million members, and over 1 million Facebook fans. If you visit their Facebook page, you’ll quickly notice the enthusiasm of the site’s fans: engagement on the page is clearly through the roof.

Bookworms unite

Bookstr is a social enterprise by design, meaning that their business model has social good built into their bottom line. As a result, if you buy a book off of their website, 50 percent of the proceeds of your book purchase goes to charity.

For more information on Bookstr, visit their website. There’s little doubt that you’ll soon have a hefty reading list on your hands.

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Posted 01.18.2017 - 03:19 pm EDT