Lorenzo Escobal, founder of Inception Automotive Detailing, discusses the automotive detailing industry and his work with Tesla!
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Bold Biz: Lorenzo Escobal Talks Automotive Detailing Industry!

Lorenzo Escobal, Founder of Inception Automotive Detailing, discusses the automotive detailing industry and his work with Tesla!

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Why auto detailing?

“I’m a car guy, first of all. I’ve always been into cars. I didn’t plan on it initially, but it was more out of necessity. It was during my first year of university, and I tried to apply to so many jobs, and iIt was a time when I decided to start my own business because I needed to pay the bills. Ever since when I got my first car — a Hyundai Genesis Coupe — I’m a big car guy and I love taking care of it. Then some other guys asked me to work on their cars, and that’s how it expanded, and it’s been that way ever since.”

Is it like Pimp My Ride?

“We don’t give so much of a paint job. It’s more like actually making used cars look like new. We call it ‘the new car driving experience’ because we like to provide clients that experience. We work on a lot of luxury vehicles. So, yeah, we make used cars look like new. A lot of clients want that new car experience again.”

Where are you based?

“In Canada, in a city called Oakville, in one of the suburbs.”

Any U.S. expansion plans?

“We are in talks right now with one person in Connecticut. So, we are looking to expand. But also in Europe as well.”

Tell us about your story

“So, I was born in the Philippines. And I came to Canada in 2002 with my family for a better life because coming from a third-world country, there was a lot of struggles in the beginning. And we pretty much worked our way up. And my family, and a lot of us Filipinos, we were born and raised to work for somebody else. But I was the first one in my family where I actually became a business owner and an entrepreneur. I had a lot of people trying to steer me away from the business world because there is a lot of risk and people that lose their money. I’m such a rule breaker though that I decided not to follow my parent’s advice and to do my own thing.”

How many people are on your team?   

“Summertime is usually the busier time — we have eight to 10 — winter time is about half that.”

What’s your favorite car you’ve ever worked on personally?  

“I really enjoyed the Lamborghini Aventador. That’s one of my favorite. One of my clients essentially gave me the second key so I could use it. So that’s nice.”

You’re 26. What’s your advice for other 26-year-olds?

“Nobody can dictate as to how you want to live your life, so you decide how you want to live it. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals because it helps you grow. Having mentors and business coaches is really important. Learn from their mistakes and learn what not to do. Don’t be afraid of failing or networking either. Just do good things, too. Give back to the community.”



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