Blackwood Credit Services helps you rebuild your credit to help get your finances in order to take the next step in your financial future.
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Everyone should know how to take advantage of their credit and feel comfortable managing their finance! That's why Ebony Cochran started Debt Survivor!Gen FKD, Kirsten Haglund

Posted by BoldTV on Thursday, November 9, 2017


Having bad credit can wreck your life, especially when you’re trying to buy your first car or home. If you have a weak credit history or, worse, no credit at all, it will be difficult for you to be able to get to that next step in life. Blackwood Credit wants to help you overcome the hurdle of bad credit by showing that there’s a way to dig yourself out and rebuild your credit.

Blackwood Credit

Ebony Cochran started Blackwood Credit after realizing that she could rebuild her credit. She went from a credit score of 486 to 814 and now shows people that by taking steps to improve their credit, they will be able to improve their credit score over time. Blackwood Credit not only focuses on credit consulting but also helps startups get off the ground.

Blackwood Credit has helped more than 1,500 clients. Cochran is the only employee of the consulting company. She previously owned an income tax preparation business called The Tax Place for ten years, until H&R Block purchased the company. Cochran started Blackwood Credit after she was successfully able to raise husband’s credit score significantly.

Blackwood Credit also helps educate people about how to improve their score. This isn’t something that is taught in schools, so people have to learn this information on their own. The lack of education about credit scores leads to people having poor credit scores in the first place. Households that are less educated tend to have more credit-card debt than those who are educated.

Takeaway: Blackwood Credit can help you rebuild your credit

Lack of financial education can be a burden. Knowing simple ways to keep your credit intact can help you reach life’s milestones without having to be worried. Having a bad credit score can prevent you from being able to secure a loan for a car or a house, leaving you further behind than other people. Blackwood Credit shows you how to rebuild your credit and improve your life.

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Posted 11.09.2017 - 04:58 pm EST