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Bold Biz: Bain Capital

What role do venture capitalist play in building an economy? Christopher Cozzone joins #BoldBiz to discuss.

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, August 29, 2017


A different form of investment called impact investing is gaining popularity. Here, the money is going to companies, organizations or funds that make a social or environmental impact while expecting a financial return. Bain Capital Double Impact is the impact investing arm of Bain Capital. It focuses on sustainability, health and wellness, and community-building to make an impact while doing so profitably.

The company recently announced its first two investments. The first investment was a landfill-reducing company called Living Earth. The company takes organic waste materials and turns them into high-quality compost, mulch, and soil products, which are sold to landscape contractors, nurseries, retailers and homeowners. Living Earth works two-fold to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and to cut down on methane emissions, a harmful greenhouse gas.

Bain’s second investment is into Impact Fitness, a top franchisee of the Planet Fitness company. Impact Fitness works to knock down the barriers preventing low-income communities from working out by providing affordable gym prices and locating centers in underserved communities. They operate 13 clubs in Michigan and Indiana, two states that are ranked lowest in key health indicators such as blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol. Impact Fitness is consistently ranked as one of the best operators in the Planet Fitness system.


Bain Capital Double Impact focuses on investments that are not only beneficial to society but also focus on profitability. This form of investment makes money while also being able to make a difference in social and environmental issues.

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