Past generations that have been generally overlooked when it comes to marketing new technology might actually be a gold mine of tech consumers.
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Recently, an increasing number of baby boomers have become interested in technology. While you might not associate baby boomers with the latest iPhone or the hottest tech, a lot of technology actually caters to the older generations.

Social media

Baby boomers might not post selfies on Instagram every day or have thousands of friends on Facebook, but a growing number have started using social media platforms to stay connected with the world.

The baby boomer generation has become the fastest-growing demographic across social media. Websites and apps such as Facebook allow baby boomers to connect with friends and family whenever they want, and the number of baby boomers joining platforms such as Facebook is on the rise.

While social media platforms allow baby boomers to stay connected, the latest healthcare technology gives them the opportunity to monitor their health in the comfort of their homes.

At-home healthcare technology

Baby boomers are at the head of a societal change and taking the healthcare system with them. As the baby boomer generation ages and reaches retirement, new approaches to medicine and healthcare are being created, making it possible for them to monitor their health at home. Remote monitoring allows for up-to-the-minute medical information to be sent to off-site medical workers from the comfort of their homes.

This type of technology has become helpful because it saves boomers money on trips to the doctor and provides them with fast medical care if needed. While healthcare tech is incredibly important, it isn’t the only technology that has become geared toward boomers.

Global positioning systems

Many boomers have made the decision to throw away their giant folding maps and invest in a GPS. While this technology isn’t relatively new, it was an important turning point in the lives of the baby boomer generation.

Prior to the creation of the GPS, growing up in the baby boomer generation meant watching your parents scramble to read the map, trying to figure out if they’d missed the exit. Now that most cars are equipped with a GPS, many boomers have embraced them and even helped shape the technology.

Similar to at-home health care technology, some GPS technology has become geared toward boomers. For example, sneakers have been created with GPS locators in the heels and are being used for patients with dementia. Portable GPS devices also often feature larger screens as well as improved readability.


Most people associate the millennial generation with being tech-savvy, and the opposite has been generally associated with baby boomers. But without a doubt, the baby boomer generation is beginning to catch up as technology is being modified in their favor.

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Posted 04.19.2017 - 01:38 pm EST