Marcos Jacober, gig economy expert & CEO at Life Hacks Wealth, discusses the changing marketplace.
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What do entrepreneurs need to know to succeed?

Bold Business host David Grasso came straight out of the gate with a major question: How can entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed? Marcos Jacober, gig economy expert and CEO at Life Hacks Wealth, responded by mentioning that, in his mind, we live in the best era to be financially free. The gig economy is highly accessible.

We don’t often hear that perspective, tell us about this “freedom”

Jacober said the gig economy gives to the entrepreneurs 85 percent of what is necessary to open up a business, like the website, the marketing, the tools to communicate with customers and many more things as well. The gig economy provides so much to the entrepreneur and makes it easier to succeed whereas entering the marketplace through other means is far more difficult. The gig economy provides the normally expensive structure to entrepreneurs for free.

How so?

But what about capital and start-up costs, the hosts of Bold Business ask. Jacober dismissed those concerns. He said the structure of the gig platform “allows you to operate in different markets … don’t try to fit the opportunity into the marketplace, but figure out what are the markets that you can execute with less entry barrier.” In other words, with the gig economy: Where there is a will there is a way.

Would you suggest using tech as leverage?

“Definitely,” Jacober said, “That’s the biggest leverage.” But he said that when people enter into the gig economy, they enter with an employee mindset where they trade dollars for time. This, Jacober said he believes, is a losing mindset. Come to the gig economy with an understanding that it is a tremendous opportunity, not just a way to get a few meager bucks.

People are saying the gig economy is overhyped. What do you think?  

Jacober believes that there has been a shift in the workplace. “In 10 years, 20 percent of the jobs will not exist anymore,” he said. Jacober said  there are different gig economy platforms, and choosing the right ones are paramount to your pursuit of money through the gig economy.

Tell us about your book ‘Eat This Mr. President’

It is about how a Brazilian immigrant went from a truck driver to a millionaire in four years. It is about the American Dream. By utilizing the gig economy, Jacober was able to transform his life. “My book tells a little bit about my story,” Jacober said, mentioning that he plans to give out a free copy of the book to all of Bold Business’ viewers via a link.

What are three tips every entrepreneur should know?

Here are three tips from Jacober:

  1. “Find a gig economy that is scalable.”
  2. “Watch the trends. Don’t come too late into the trends.”
  3. “Approach the gig economy as the best business opportunity you can find. Learn the systems, and you will succeed.”


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Posted 01.28.2019 - 12:08 pm EDT