Entrepreneur Armstrong Williams discusses his newest endeavour.
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Bold Biz: Strong Start Initiative

Armstrong Williams has a creative way to find new and promising investments.

Posted by BoldTV on Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Armstrong Williams wants to help you become an entrepreneur.

Williams’ most recent entrepreneurial journey is the StrongStart Initiative, a competition that aims to boost an innovative and life-changing entrepreneurial idea by giving it a strong start.

According to the newest StrongStart commercial, out of the roughly 7 billion people on Earth, 400 million of them are entrepreneurs. This statistic means that nearly one out of every 18 workers is their own boss.

Williams points out that though the United States is one of the top three economies in the world, it ranks 42nd in terms of the most entrepreneurial countries. Williams hopes to change that with his StrongStart Initiative.

Entrepreneurs who have original ideas can send their information and a brief description of their business concept to [email protected] The winner gets Armstrong’s help when launching their endeavor, providing them backing and media exposure.

Williams, the owner of Howard Stirk Holdings, already has a finger in every pie. As an entrepreneur, Williams is currently the largest minority owner of broadcast television stations and he has accumulated real estate, including a hotel in the South of France.

Williams is also a political commentator, an author and a content creator who has a live radio show on Sirius XM and owns seven television stations.

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