Bold Business discusses the fan-to-fan ticket resale marketplace!
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How does your brand Twickets work?

Ant Cauchi noticed that music fans often had to contend with sold-out music shows. What he and his business partners realized is that a lot of people who have bought tickets end up being unable to go. They don’t want to profit from their tickets — they just want other fans to get a chance to go. Twickets enables those fans to sell those tickets to other fans for no profit. “We call it an ethical ticket marketplace,” Cauchi said.

Most real fans don’t want to profit from tickets, Cauchi said: “Not real fans at least.” With this platform, they can now sell a ticket they are unable to use to another fan for no profit whatsoever.

You started in the U.K., is that correct?

Twickets launched in the U.K. three years ago and has expanded into the U.S. more than a year ago. Twickets has grown because it is a great fan-to-fan network. “Fans want to make sure that fans can get to go to the shows,” he said.

Your mission is awareness then?

People assume that people are our for profit, Cauchi said. “What we’ve proven is that fans are out there that just want to help other fans go to shows that they cannot go to.” It is about a mindset. The fans get their money back, but they also feel good about helping another fan out. “That is quite key,” Cauchi said.

You have some major partnerships, am I right?

Twickets has partnerships with more than 200 famous artists. Ethics and business is a hot topic, Cauchi said. “People want to be doing the right thing. We’re not telling people not to make a profit if they want to,” he said. “But it’s all about giving people an option. Twickets is that option.”

Is Twickets fighting ticket scalpers?

Before we came along, if you wanted to sell a ticket at face value, it was quite difficult, Cauchi said. “We have created a platform where fans can sell tickets at face value … We wanted fans to see more shows and support more artists, and that’s what [Twickets] is all about.”

What inspired you to help artists in the music industry?

“I’ve worked in music all my life … [I come] at it from a music point of view,” he said. It came from a frustration of tickets being so expensive and wanting to do something about it.

Is there a Twickets fee?

There is a platform fee. We charge the buyer a Twickets fee to use the platform. It is a percentage of the ticket, not a flat fee.


Posted 01.28.2019 - 12:07 pm EDT