Which company would you want to work for?
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The Morning Consult recently surveyed more than 220,000 Americans to see which companies are the most desirable places to work. 

The overall winner of “most admired employer” was Google, with Walt Disney, Amazon.com, and Apple taking the following three spots, but different companies nabbed the top spots for certain demographics.

What do the top ranking companies do?

Number one for the overall ranking was Google, a technology company that specializes in web-based services (as we all probably know). Google is best known for its search engine and its many extensions, including Gmail and YouTube. It falls under the parent company of Alphabet Inc., which oversees a sizable collection of companies.

The Walt Disney Company came in second place and is the parent company of four media networks, four consumer-product branches, nine studios and 11 parks and resorts. Though Walt Disney is best known for its children’s programming on Disney Channel, they also oversee ABC, Freeform, and ESPN.

Amazon.com, an American electronic commerce company, took third place on the overall list. The company is constantly expanding, taking on new industries and delivering products straight to people’s doors.

Apple took fourth place, the second multinational technology company on this list, which designs consumer electronics, such as Macs and iPhones, and computer software.

Microsoft is the third multinational technology company on the list, and it came in fifth place. Microsoft sells computer software, consumer electronics and services.

A generational divide

Millennials and Gen Xers had the same top three most admired companies as the overall list (Google, Walt Disney and Amazon.com), but millennials and Gen Xers had Microsoft at number four, rather than the overall choice of Apple.

Baby Boomers had a pretty different list. Amazon.com and Walt Disney took the top two spots, but Harley-Davidson and Lockheed Martin came in third and fourth.

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson ranked sixth on the overall list, and aerospace technology company Lockheed Martin came in 20th.

Results and demographic overlaps

Harley-Davidson was probably the most unexpected company that sneaked into the top four, ranking higher among Baby Boomers, men, people with education levels lower than college, individuals with incomes below $50,000, people in the Midwest, Independents, and Republicans.

In terms of educational level, those with less than a college degree had the same top three (Google, Walt Disney and Amazon.com) as millennials, Gen Xers and the overall list. Their number four, however, was Harley-Davidson, giving them the same top four as Independents and Midwesterners.

People with postgraduate degrees had Amazon.com, Apple and Microsoft ranked after Google, coming in as one of the most tech-oriented demographics.

Democrats had the same top four as millennials and Gen Xers (Google, Walt Disney, Amazon.com, and Microsoft) suggesting that those demographics overlap. Independents had the same top three, swapping out Microsoft for Harley-Davidson.

It was also interesting to see the only two groups that didn’t rank Google as number one: Baby Boomers and Republicans. Every other demographic had Google in their top spot, matching the overall results.

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Posted 07.25.2017 - 03:01 pm EDT