Times are hard-- but if you're trying to woo a partner with a good date, not all hope is lost.
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Cold weather, holiday breaks from school and new releases from Netflix could only mean one thing: It is officially “cuffing season.” That’s right- the coveted “cuffing season” is the time of the year when people — particularly college students and young adults with their own living spaces — decide to get a cuddle buddy in the form of a partner. However, with the increasing desire for a partner comes the necessity to take said partner out on a date. When trying to impress a partner, a good date is key. However, it’s even better if you don’t go broke in the process, especially on a millennial budget. For those people, I have put together a comprehensive date guide here. Luckily, there are many options for affordable dates that the young, dumb and broke loverboy or gal is sure to appreciate.


Living on a budget can be manageable for one person, but when trying to court someone else, it can put anyone in a tough spot. Of course, you don’t want your dream partner to be turned off by how cheap you are. But who doesn’t love parks? The beautiful Gantry Plaza State Park is complete with an amazing view of New York City, offset by a river. At night time, the sunset glistens off the water and complements the illustrious lights of the Midtown Manhattan skyline. Comedy clubs such as The Creek and The Cave are nearby and often feature big name comics such as Jerry Seinfeld. There are also numerous improv troupes that perform in the neighboring Long Island City, as well as several bars to choose from. The New York Botanical Gardens and Central Park are world renowned, and not only because of the leaves. There are various shows weekly to choose from. If you’re looking for beautiful views, consider Washington Square Park, which offers breathtaking views at night of One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building, as well as a fountain and the legendary arch. Bryant Park adds one to the kicker. You can even go horseback riding in Prospect Park. Hooray for parks!

Museums and Operas

If parks get too cold or chilly, museums are a smart, affordable and creative option. The Met offers several shows each week, as well as the beautiful Whitney Museum, which is complete with a breathtaking view of — you guessed it — the New York City skyline. There is a restaurant right downstairs to go to, and plenty of bars on Gansevoort Street. For something even more classy, consider seeing a show on Broadway, such as the Lion King or Book of Mormon. If that’s too financially taxing, consider the opera or ballet.

Fun Ideas

For something more sublime and low-key, try the milk bar or momofuku ice cream. Perhaps Molly’s Cupcakes or banana bread from Magnolia Bakery will offer the dessert that will start the evening off right. A bad review of Baked by Melissa is almost unheard of, but if more personal time to chat is preferred, consider baking in your home. If a sweet tooth is not your thing, try visiting Chinatown for legendary Korean barbeque, entertainment shows and views of Times Square, which never has a shortage of options.


Dating is no joke, and it is very important to create a good first impression, whether on a first date or twentieth. However, if going on a date with a long-time friend or partner, consider taking the fun option — it may be better for your relationship and your budget. If trying to stay classy and sophisticated, consider a museum or creative venue. At the end of the day, options for dates are only part of the equation — it is much more important to consider the type of person you are with and what they like. After all, even the best event with the wrong person can lead to a bad night.

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Posted 01.10.2018 - 12:00 pm EDT