Bold Business sits down with Rick Horrow to discuss the efficacy of advertising as a business tool
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Bold Biz: Rick Horrow Talks Super Bowl Advertising Costs

Rick Horrow, Sports Business Expert and CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures, discusses Super Bowl advertising costs!

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How much do Super Bowl ads cost?

“I remember,” said Rick Horrow, “a time when Super Bowl ads cost as little as $40,000. And now they cost as much as $5.3 million.” Horrow added that this price point does not include the actual cost of producing the commercials for the companies. And if the ad doesn’t work during the Super Bowl; if it’s viewed as insensitive, or it doesn’t move the needle, then “it is a defining moment for the core ad executives.”

Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial from last year kind of fell on deaf ears. Was it a disaster for them?

“Well, you can hedge your bets [by making a few commercials.] So, if you have one bad one and five good ones, then everybody will remember that. But, yes, if you only have one ad, you better make it a good one.”

Horrow mentioned a study conducted by WalletHub that showed one in three people would rather give up their annual vacation days than miss their team win the Super Bowl. This fact just highlights how much publicity and positive attention a company stands to garner if they are able to deliver an attractive Super Bowl commercial.

Tell us more about your work as a sports professor

Horrow teaches a Harvard Law and Business School class on a regular basis. He also has written a couple of books on the 50-year history of the sport’s business. The role was to create all the facilities around the NFL. “There have been 25 new stadiums done for the NFL since 1990. It takes a lot of work,” he said. “I’m trying to stay ahead of the people who try to figure out what I do and stay successful.”  


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Posted 02.18.2019 - 08:00 am EDT