Activate Worldwide want to you learn to market and sell yourself in order to grow your business and strengthen your personal branding.
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Bold Biz: Activate Your Vision

Accomplishing your goals is easier said then done. Lucinda Cross wrote "Activate Your Vision" to help people set and reach their goals. Get the book here: Activate Worldwide, Bookstr, Kirsten Haglund

Posted by BoldTV on Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Determining who your audience is and how to promote yourself is difficult. This process, called personal branding, is essential — you must know how to manage your image in order to get and stay ahead. Activate Worldwide is a leadership services firm that specializes in personal and professional development enrichment programs that can help strengthen your personal public image.

Activate Worldwide

Activate Worldwide was founded by Lucinda Cross to teach people how to brand and market themselves to make the transition from hobbies and entrepreneurial ideas to a real business. It seeks to help people grow in multiple facets of their life by teaching them how to proceed. Activate Worldwide shows people how to sharpen their focus to take the next step in their lives.

Cross is an author who has published four self-help books. Cross began by helping people recently released from federal prison. Cross designs seminars, workshops and training for entrepreneurial women, millennials and at-risk youth. She’s known for her vision board kit, which helps people visualize the ideas they have in their heads, and lets them transition their dreams to actual life goals.

Takeaway: Get your life back on track by strengthening your personal brand

Learning how to market yourself isn’t an easy process. Activate Worldwide wants to help you focus your talents to learn to how to market yourself and build a brand. It can be beneficial to have someone guide you through the process of determining how you should market yourself. A professional can point out your strengths and weaknesses so that you’re better able to see how to build from your starting point. Activate Worldwide can give you a push in the right direction.

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