The DeRose Method is a mental health training center aimed at athletes, performers, entrepreneurs and many more. The instructors teach an array of classes aimed at strengthening the mental core.
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Education and training are projected as the most important parts in preparing for a career, but mental health should be cared for as well. With starting a new career in any field, mental preparedness is vital. The founders of the DeRose Method are teaching classes on the concentration and energy needed to enter the workforce. This method is becoming the newest form of millennial health care.

The original founder of the practice is Professor DeRose from Brazil. DeRose is a highly recognized yoga teacher and that led him to create his own method. DeRose started teaching his method in 1960 and has continued offering his practice, writing books, and teaching courses all over the world ever since.

For New Yorkers who wish to start, The DeRose Method classes are located in Greenwich Village.This location was started by John Chisenhall. Chisenhall’s company is called Enhance Human Performance.He started this company with a mission to better equip working minds with tools for mental clarity, focus, and vitality. By being able to access the best parts of yourself, your work performance is sure to improve.  

Some of the classes they offer include stress management, deep breathing, meditation, and self-knowledge. All these aim to bring a heightened state of performance, without the feelings of stress and anxiety that only hinder our working selves. These classes also can boost self-acceptance, which is the root of happiness. Millennial health care is unique because it largely focuses on the mental aspects of health, not just the physical alone.

Do these classes help entrepreneurs?

Author and instructor of the DeRose Method Gustavo Oliveira wrote a book called The Entrepreneurial Mind. His book examines how this method is important for any entrepreneur seeking success.

“For entrepreneurs … most people fail not because they do not know about their business, but because they are not personally prepared … emotionally prepared to deal with the pressure or mental resilience enough.”

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a high-pressure job. Oliveira noticed this and now teaches DeRose Method classes on how to deal with pressure and stress. Oliveira started a location in Tribeca and his company offers classes at that location. 


All careers have fluctuating levels of stress. That can become consuming and strangle our impulses to succeed. By taking one of the many classes and workshops the DeRose Method offers, you can start to notice a change in mental clarity. Chisenhall believes that you will see results soon after you start, and growth will continue to happen throughout the courses.

“It is an optimization practice. You’re going to see results immediately,” he said.
Check out their classes online and find more information on registration.

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Posted 12.27.2017 - 02:25 pm EDT